IBS is no longer for just individuals;
We serve businesses too!

Offer value to your clients through a
strategic alliance, plus get commissioned.

Who is it for?

School Leaders
Test Prep Centers
Non-Governmental Organizations
Travel Agencies

Join 35+ businesses, as
one of our referral companies

How does it work?

It's simple – Act as a referral partner to IBS by simply referring students and clients to us monthly for a competitive commission fee.

Our referral companies vary in sizes with our top-performing partner businesses earning as high as $5,000 in commissions on a monthly basis.

What support does IBS provide?

We offer our full range of career and educational services and craft custom solutions tailored specifically to the kind of business you run.

For GMAT/SAT Prep Centres, we allow you to focus on ensuring your students pass their tests while we supplement your efforts with admissions counselling

For universities and travel agencies, we help you focus on visa paperwork while guaranteeing your clients admissions into top schools abroad. It is a win-win!

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