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Where Career Expertise
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We leveraged our career advising expertise to
create Flaunt, an AI-powered tool providing
personalized feedback.

Flaunt interprets your information, offering
insights to enhance the impressiveness of your
Resume or Grad School CV.

If you have a good GPA, add it under
Description. The employer may like that!
Let's add in some numbers so
the recruiters can see the
impact of your work.
Consider removing the GPA if it's optional
to avoid potential disadvantages
compared to other applicants.
No matter where
you are in your career

Flaunt was made to help you stand out from the
, from students to professionals who want
to make a lasting impression.

Not like any other generative AI

Easy version IBS

Flaunt guides you through an intuitive CV or Resume building process, offering real-time feedback.

Fast version IBS

Create your application document in minutes with Flaunt and start applying instantly.

Stress free version IBS

Say goodbye to searching for inspiration and endless articles. Flaunt directs you on what to include effortlessly.

The best part?
Flaunt is 100% free

Simply create an account.

No hidden charges or extra fees, as we believe everyone should access a tool for achieving career goals.

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