Frequently Asked Questions


How can I book a service?
To book a service, sign up to the IBS Portal and make a service request. You will be asked to specify the area, type, along with your current goals and background.
How is the process after booking a service with IBS?
When requesting the service, you will provide initial information for the team to begin work on your documents. We'll contact you through the portal if we have more questions.
How is IBS' success rate so high?
Due diligence. We thoroughly assess all our clients’ qualifications for the programs they are interested in prior to taking them on as clients. If we aren't confident in your chances, we don't take you on as a client.
What services do you offer?
We offer school and career advising, helping you prepare outstanding applications to unlock your potential and achieve your academic and professional goals.
How long does the service take after booking?
It depends on the type of service booked. Individual services are completed within three business days. Packages should take no longer than a week for career and up to one month for school.
Can I talk to anyone at IBS for free?
Yes, you can book a free consultation with our team of education and career experts for 30 minutes here.


How much do the services cost?
Head to the services page to find pricing. Career & Education services.
When is the payment made?
For individual services, pay in full upon request. For packages, pay after we accept your request. Package payments can be split into up to 3 instalments.
What is your refund policy?
Full refunds are available within 24 hours of booking or in some situations where client isn’t satisfied with our service, offering a full refund if possible. Refunds are not issued after service commencement.
What are the payment methods taken by IBS?
You can pay via card, bank transfer or mobile money (the latter is only available for clients in Ghana).
What are IBS’ payment terms & conditions?
  • Services priced US$300 and below must be paid in one instalment upfront.
  • For services priced over US$300, a minimum deposit of 40% of the service's full price (with tax) is required. The remaining balance can be paid in two equal instalments within 2 months.
  • Note you may be required to pay the pending balance of a package after the first documents are delivered for IBS to complete the service.
  • Defaulting on payments & missing payment dates will result in either the halting or cancellation of services until communication on payment is made to the accounting team.
  • Clients who miss subsequent payment dates without prior communication will forfeit both their deposits and service.
  • By proceeding with your service, you acknowledge to have read and agreed with these payment terms.

Education Services

Will IBS tell me the best schools based on my profile?
We will if you hire the Intermediate or Comprehensive package. In the Basic package and individual services, the client will determine the school and program of choice.
Who will be crafting my documents?
When requesting a service, we'll match you with experienced consultants tailored to your document needs. To meet the team, please click here.
Am I guaranteed acceptance if I book a package?
Yes. With our team of experienced school consultants, we can guide you to make the right choices, based on your background and current qualification, that would assure your acceptance.
Will IBS handle the entire process?
Yes, regardless of the package you book, we handle the preparation and uploading of the required documents. We would also review the final application before it is submitted.

Career Services

Can IBS guarantee job placement?
No, but we guarantee to give you a competitive edge in the job market, identifying job opportunities, improving your document, and preparing you for interviews.
Can you help me if I have no work experience?
Yes! Our services are tailored to each individual's needs, so whether you're just starting out with NO professional experience in your career or looking to take the next step, we can help.

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